Production, at the heart of our activity

Our department is responsible for the production of the seeds that TECHNISEM markets in Africa. For this, production forecasts are established according to the current seed stock and sales forecasts. The production department is thus at the heart of the activity of TECHNISEM and the Novalliance group and in connection with the other departments.

We produce our seeds all over the world in order to win production seasons, but also to find a qualified workforce.

The production of quality seeds is a key issue for the Novalliance group. It is framed by extremely precise specifications and a very great attention is given to the different stages of production, from the sending of basic seeds to the reception of commercial batches. The seeds are produced worldwide, in a permanent search for the best climatic conditions, the best suppliers and an optimal distribution of risk.

The teams work in close collaboration with the Group’s research stations, located in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Madagascar.

“Vegetable seed production is a very international business. We produce our seeds all over the world. Thanks to this organization, we spread the agro-climatic risks, which allows us to ensure maximum availability and quality. “says Ronan GORIN, CEO of the Novalliance group.