What is it about?

Started in 2017, the study on new packaging now shows its first results.

Technisem boxes and packets are being mordernized and will be launched by September, 2019.


Why these modifications?

Being able to question yourself to move forward, innovate and aim higher is an asset. This is why Technisem has initiated a process of reflection to renew the appearance of cans and sachets by modernising this design that is the basis of our success.

As any member of the Novalliance group, Technisem shares values of growth and spirit conquest. Having an up-to-date packaging will allow the brand to reach new markets and strongly contribute to our strategy of plant innovation.


What changes compared to old packaging?

The cans :


The new can is very much inspired by the old one. It takes up the concept of green lines (like the furrows in the ground) already present on the old cans. These lines are simply being modernized.
The addition of a catchphrase «High quality inside» now highlights
the Technisem logo and affirms its commitment to quality. Technisem
seeds are high quality seeds in a quality packaging.The cans have been redesigned as a package with a front and a back side. The photo of the variety doesn’t change. The back panel contains a summary of Technisem’s activity and contact details.

Note the addition of a pictogram «Vector of innovation since 1985».
It aims to anchor Technisem as a reference in the sector with more than 30 years of experience and which makes innovation its priority.


The sachets :



The sachets are very slightly redesigned. On the front side the contours are now white as well as the writing font in order to make the whole thing lighter. Finally, to further harmonize the designs of the sachets, they now address a slight gradation of green lines at the bottom of the bag. The photo of the variety, weight label and European hole remain
unchanged. The catchphrase «High quality inside» is added.
The reverse side evolves but keeps the same information. A white insert with the Technisem logo in light watermark and Technisem’s contact details in the upper part of the frame add something new. At the bottom of this area is the pictogram «Vector of innovation since 1985». Thus, cans and sachets are harmonized. The large white area on the back has been designed to be printable. Indeed, some customers have legal requirements obliging them to print information on the back, which the old sachet did not allow.
The names of the varieties as well as the photos remain identical so that customers keep their marks.





The advantages of this project:

This is a smooth transition that modernizes our packaging while maintaining Technisem’s identity (logo, colours, lines). The size of the articles, the quality of the packaging and of course the quality of the seeds are still the same. The photo of the product also remains unchanged.