Sales force

Due to the specifics of our activity, 100% of our sales are for exportation. We are mainly wholesaler and do not sell directly to retailers: the biggest part of our shipments is by sea, nevertheless airfreights are frequent and allow us to answer to urgent and occasional customer demands.

Technicians and Salesmen

The distribution of the seeds is optimized thanks to a large geographic and competent sales force network. Enthusiastic and involved salesmen are travelling all over the countries, until steep places to provide you seeds of quality.

Local commercial teams work together with TECHNISEM export and development teams: permanent exchanges between all of them contribute to spread information and make everyone more reactive. 

A large network of distributors established in Inter-Tropical Countries

Thanks to this organization, you can have access to all the TECHNISEM products in very many sales points all over the territory. Feel free to contact us to know the nearest distributor to you. 

The sales team in 2020.