Founded in 1985, TECHNISEM moved to Maine-et-Loire in 2009.   

Equipped with the necessary material to guarantee the quality of the seeds, Technisem’s factory can count on the constant evolution of its equipment.

The cold rooms allow the seeds to be preserved in an optimal way thanks to a storage at the adapted temperatures and humidities.

They can store several hundred different varieties. The factory has several modernised packaging lines adapted to the criteria of speed and a well studied type of packaging.   



To best meet the various market requirements, TECHNISEM offers a wide range of packaging. Hermetic metal cans, preserving the quality of preservation, and bags made of complex waterproof materialwhich act as a barrier to all external constraints (humidity and UV). Packaging in sachets is proposed for orders ranging from 1 to 50g depending on the species. The use of aluminium doses allows us to offer reliable packaging and to ensure that the quality of the seeds is maintained for our customers.



Thanks to the high-performance computer system, it is possible to know at any given moment the situation of a batch during the process and to keep its history. Each batch marketed has a unique identity guaranteeing good product traceability.  

The plant’s order preparation section receives the packaged bags and boxes which are stored in cartons for dispatch.